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Forget about thumbing through the pages of a book when you are looking for something fun to do. How about just cutting a deck to find a fun activity or craft? 52 Rainy Day Activities is just that, a deck of cards with with a seperate craft or activity listed on each card.
This deck contains, suprise, 52 cards plus two extra 'jokers'. One of the extra cards takes the place of a book cover, and gives the title, author, and other vital information. The other extra card has a Rainy Day Supply list and also a bonus activity idea. Each of the 52 regular cards has the activity idea on one side and a colorful, related picture on the other side.

These cards contain many ideas for crafts, simple games, and other fun activities both little and big kids will like. Most of the ideas are very simple and you should have all the supplies laying around your house. A few examples are:

    Potato Prints: Ideas about how to use a raw potato to make fancy paintings and even stationary!

    Indoor Campfire: Make S'mores inside on a rainy day!

    Water Glass Orchestra: Create beautiful music using a few glasses filled with different levels of water!

    Paper Mache' Animals: Make creative animals out of newspapers!

So you see, the next time you are bored, you can just take out these cards and randomly pick an activity. Shuffle the deck and see what happens!


Dimensions 3¾" x 2¾"

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