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When a child is diagnosed with a serious or debilitating illness, the family’s entire world is turned upside down. Time is filled up with doctor and clinic visits, tests and more tests, treatments and more treatments.  The patient isn’t the only one effected: the siblings pay the price as well. The childhood they once knew changes dramatically as their parents’ time is now divided strenuously between caring for the sick or disabled child, as well as work and home. Often, the siblings are left to wonder, “But…what about me?!”  Art with Heart’s newest book that was designed to meet the resulting issues head on.

It is filled with engaging drawing and coloring activities, with age-appropriate short questions and answers. Its title, “Magnificent Marvelous Me” reflects the deep-seeded need for the child to matter, and to voice their own importance in the family. It is similar in look and feel to Oodles of Doodles. Our vision is that for every patient that receives Oodles, their sibling will also be handed their own special book, but one designed for them, so that they can journey towards a strong and healthy future.

Ages: 10 and under

Measures: 10.5 x 11.5 inches

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