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Celebrating Nurses, Caregivers and Other Everyday Heroes

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it."

-- Helen Keller

Someone soothed your father's fears in Intensive Care, or held your daughter's hand when she chipped her tooth. Someone brought your baby into the world, or rubbed your back, or saved your life. Someone sat with your family, broke the news, and led a prayer. Or made you laugh when you thought you would cry or gave you hope when you thought you would die.

Dr. Christian Barnard once said that for every surgeon who receives a note of praise or acclaim there are twenty nurses, anesthesiologists, lab technicians and aides who should have but didn't.

The work you do is heroic; it brings hope to millions of lives. And this book celebrates your big hearts, gentle hands and courageous spirits.

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Dimensions: 6" x 6"; 80 pages.

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