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In an often thankless and unending job, The Twenty-third Psalm for Caregivers is a welcome reminder that caregivers are not alone. The Shepherd sees, leads, and empowers caregivers and will restore their weary souls.

Each verse of Psalm 23 is the subject for a topical chapter, addressing caregivers felt needs. Fifteen disease generic true-life stories about caregivers teach while they entertain, inspire, and draw the reader to God. The Scriptures and accompanying quotations and classic hymns show how a relationship with the Lord, who is our Shepherd, can meet the caregiver's need for care, provision, rest, peace, hope, direction, patience, courage, friendship, comfort, protection, healing, blessings, love, and joy.

The Twenty-third Psalm for Caregivers offers a new perspective on this familiar psalm, and after reading the book, caregivers will have renewed hope that the Shepherd will provide for their families in every way. The only promise the book makes is that God will be with them in their care-giving journey; and that's a powerful promise.


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