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Caregiver Your Thoughtful And Gentle Way Heart Ornament

Send this beautiful heart to your amazing Caregiver!

Heart contains lavender beads sending lavender scent out of seven small holes on the back.  Lovely to leave in a room or in a drawer to scent clothes.

Poem in box reads:  CAREGIVER You’re a very generous person, Providing quality care~ With a giving hearty and understanding, You always seem to share. There with a gentle touch And warm open arms~ Guiding and protecting, to keep us safe from harm. So thank you for all the kindness you happily deliver~ You're an Angel from heaven and a special "Caregiver."

Heart measures 4 x 4 inches.

Comes in beautiful gift box measuring 7 x 5 inches.  Poem is printed on the inside of the lid.

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