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Edited by Linus Mundy  

After the death of a parent, we can feel orphaned. And we can feel surprised. It is particularly painful because we lose so many different people when we lose a parent: We lose the mother or father who nurtured us as youngsters, the parent who saw us through the growing-up years, the mother or father who perhaps came to rely on us as older age set in.  

The authors of this concise handbook acknowledge that the world is now a different place without our parents. But the important thing now is to pay closest attention to the healing of our hearts.  

Chapters in this special 48-page booklet include:  

- Grieving the Loss of a Parent, by Judy Ball
- Losing Your Mom, by Peggy Ekerdt
- Losing Your Dad, by Greg Long
- Talking With Your Kids About the Death of a Parent, by Lisa Engelhardt
- When Your Last Parent Dies, by Carol Leubering  

Dimensions: 4" x 6".   Color cover/black and white inside.

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