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Your personal portable support group

Find inspiration for change and personal growth in each story within its pages as people in this dynamic community share their experiences of transformation, of lives reclaimed, of relationships renewed and futures full of promise.

Today, the recovering lifestyle has been embraced and celebrated by millions. The silence which once enveloped dysfunctional families or victims of trauma has been broken, and the shame felt by those suffering with behavioral disorders or depression has turned into a sense of accomplishment and pride. More than 700,000 Americans receive treatment for alcoholism or substance abuse on any given day in over 11,000 addiction treatment programs.

Support groups meet daily in every corner of the world and the Internet hums with recovering chat rooms and bulletin boards. The traditional 12 Step model of Alcoholic's Anonymous has been joined by programs offering more secular approaches to recovery, while others support faith-based models.

 Remember, you are not alone.

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