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Say goodbye your way: creatively, lovingly and sustainably

Pets are not just our furrier family members; they provide warmth, life, and unconditional love. The death of a beloved pet is often a child’s first contact with death, and celebrating the rituals that help us say good-bye can help a child understand that life is to be cherished because it does not last forever.

Closure helps children cope with loss. To help them through this difficult process, ByeByePet gives children an opportunity to design and customize a ritual that comes from the heart. Kids can decorate their ByeByePet box inside or out, fill it with mementoes, and use it to bury their beloved pet in a special place. The box is made of heavy-duty recycled paper and is biodegradable. ByeByePet is not meant to hide the tragedy of a child’s loss. Rather, it is a creative and sustainable way to say good-bye—while paying tribute to a much-loved pet that will live forever in their memory.

Plain white flat box comes with one dozen Crayon Sticks with fun 'peel-to-reveal' action.

How to use ByeByePet. ByeByePet can be used any way you and your family want. You can bury your pet in the box or keep it as a treasure chest of pet mementoes. You or your child, can decorate the box inside and out with markers or paint, apply stickers or colored ribbons, paste on photographs or drawings, or just print your pet’s name in beautiful letters. Relive your favorite moments by depicting them in words or images. Add animal toys and snacks, a blanket, a note, or flowers to keep your pet company. Suggestion: If you choose to wrap your pet before burial in the ByeByePet, take care to use only biodegradable materials (cotton, silk, wool, paper), as non-degradable material pollutes the soil.

Small (9.8" x 7.9" x 4")

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