The best present is your presence and listening....

The most important role a friend has is simply to be a caring presence. That means being more aware of the person's grief than of our own discomfort. When we feel so helpless we sometimes try too hard to do something to relieve our friend's grief. Stop. Realize that we cannot take their pain away. We cannot give them back their loved one. It is their pain and their journey. Once we understand that – and stop trying to make it ours - we can work towards being a caring presence.

One important point to consider is that we're all different - some are introverts and private, others are extroverts and comfortable sharing their feelings. Some join support groups and talk their way through pain. Others may start running or withdraw for a while. Just remember that however they choose to deal with their grief, try not to be judgmental. There is no 'right' way to grieve.

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