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Cyndi Lee, yoga teacher and author of the bestselling YOGA IN A BOX, combines Buddhist practices with yoga techniques in a form of yoga called vinyasa, which she introduces and explains in YOGA BODY, BUDDHA MIND. With anecdotal explanations of each principle, Lee brings the exotic worlds of yoga and Buddhism to a user-friendly level that welcomes even the most fresh beginner.

She guides the reader through meditation, directed breathing, and a host of yoga postures, with detailed instructions and straightforward illustrations, always explaining the benefit of each move as she progresses. In this warmly-written guide, Lee touches on concepts like balance (body and mind), opposing forces, body image, and the modern human's relationship to the earth.

Lee arranges the yoga postures from beginner difficulty, through intermediate and advanced and explains each one carefully, making YOGA BODY, BUDDHA MIND a useful tool for every reader. Lee ends the book with detailed class programs (again with specific levels from beginner to expert) presented in adorable stick-figure drawing format to close this pleasant and accessible handbook.

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