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by Mindy Avra Portnoy, illustrated by Shelly O. Haas

This is my absolute favorite elementary school age sympathy book. Young children ask adults this question, and although each reassuring answer is different, they all lead back to the same simple truth: When people die, "they go to God. Who is everywhere."

Just some of the answers to the question, where do people go when they die?

- They are buried in the ground and become part of the earth and of nature - They go to heaven, a place of peace. They watch over us from there. - They go into our memories and our stories about them. - They become part of our minds, they become the past. - They go into our hearts.. They are with us when we cry and when we laugh. - They live on in their children, their students, their friends... in all the people whom they loved and cared about...

The illustrations are charming, thoughtful and inviting. This book also includes an excellent afterword with advice on how to speak about death with children and suggestions all parents will find useful.

Ages: 3-8 Grades: PreK-3

Hardback: 24 Pages; Dimensions: 7" x 9"

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