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Laughter is not just an internal exercise for someone lying flat on their back - a form of jogging for the innards - but it creates a mood in which the other positive emotions can be put to work, too. In short, it helps make it possible for good things to happen. Norman Cousins

Laughter Is The Best Medicine Mug.  This lovely red mug will remind you of who sent it every time you use it!

Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Toffee. Just a gesture of something sweet. 2oz of crunchy toffee and roasted California almonds, covered in premium dark chocolate.

Humor and Healing CD by Bernie Siegel.  A delightful 'House-Call' with an empowering message: Humor sometimes is the best medicine.  Humor and Healing is Dr. Bernie Siegel's sparkling conversation about the healing power of love and laughter. From how positive thinking helps us lead longer, more productive lives ... to new findings about the healing power of laughter.  Humor and Healing also includes many stories, told with love and joy as only Dr. Siegel can, about exceptional patients who have opened to the heart of healing, with unforgettable results.   1 1/4 hours.

Man Cave CandleI discovered this candle in a local store and had never heard of the wonderful fragrance Vetiver!  This candle is handcrafted from the finest ingredients including 100% soy wax, essential oil blends and clean burning wicks to create a soot & toxin free candle for your 'man cave'.  Made in Washington State.  Beautiful 8oz Glass ~ 50 hour burn.  Fragrance: Vetiver

Laughter Still Is the Best Medicine: More than 1,000 All -new Laughs by Readers Digest. They have compiled their most hilarious jokes, gags and cartoons.


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